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Rowing in Motion for Android – now with Analytics Login

Rowing in Motion for Android marks a big milestone for us – not only in a technical sense but also business-wise. It is our vision to produce tools that help rowers and coaches make their training more effective and achieve better results. The Boat App to record your rowing performance is only the first step towards

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Rowing in Motion for Android – Beta 0.2

We’re making good progress on the Android version of the Boat App even though we have also invested our time to make a massive improvement to our Analytics service. To keep things short, here’s a list of things we fixed/implemented since our last beta release two weeks ago: Sonification: Fixed a system-resource leak Toolbar: Devices

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Rowing in Motion for Android – Beta Registration Open

While we are making the final preparations to launch the first version of the Rowing in Motion App for Android, we need all our interested testers to join our Tester team at which we will use to deliver the latest builds to your Android device. The first beta will be made available via

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Rowing in Motion for Android Progress

We are glad we can tell you that we’ve just completed the first milestone for Rowing in Motion on Android. We have ported most of our internal processing APIs, wrote an Android compatible sensor adaption layer and are now building the basic blocks for the graphical user interface. So what can the App do at

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Rowing in Motion on Android – Beta Program

You asked for it, you’ll get it. We are making good progress for an Android version of Rowing in Motion. We have hit our first milestone and rebuilt the technical foundation for sensor data processing and make it compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. While the UI still needs some work (basically we log

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