Rowing in Motion for Android – Beta 0.2

We’re making good progress on the Android version of the Boat App even though we have also invested our time to make a massive improvement to our Analytics service. To keep things short, here’s a list of things we fixed/implemented since our last beta release two weeks ago:

  • Sonification: Fixed a system-resource leak
  • Toolbar: Devices running Ice-Cream-Sandwich now use Switches instead of ToggleButtons
  • Stopwatch: Implemented the stopwatch timer
  • Logfile Recording: It’s already there (but upload to Analytics is still missing). Distance and Stopwatch are now reset when recording a new logfile
  • Performance: Improve rendering performance on old Android devices
  • Guides: We have added the “welcome guide” that explains the App for first time users (similar to the iOS App). Also added a menu (via the menu button) to access the manual.

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