The Rowing in Motion System

Rowing in Motion is a mobile App for iOS and Android that uses your smartphone’s sensor to measure and record your crew’s rowing performance data such as speed, stroke-rate and boat acceleration.

The App is connected to our web-based data analysis platform Rowing in Motion Analytics. With Analytics you can analyze your recorded rowing sessions, see how rowing technique and performance evolves over time and maintain a training diary.

Rowing in Motion has many interesting features and use cases and we’re sure it can help you and your team to achieve the best performance possible.

Boat Acceleration. Row faster.


Boat acceleration is equal to “total boat force”: the result of the forces applied to the rowing boat at any moment in time. The periodic of boat acceleration over the stroke has a direct impact on boat speed. Rowing in Motion measures boat acceleration at 100Hz (that’s 100 data points per second!) to give you the most detailed picture possible. Boat acceleration gives you a direct clue about the effectiveness of your stroke and assists you in targeted improvements of your stroke.

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Speed, Distance, Stroke-rate. The Basics.

Rowing in Motion derives stroke rate based on the typical boat acceleration cycle encountered in rowing. A special algorithm is used to reliably find beginning and end of a stroke. No wires, no installation, no hassle! We use GPS to give you accurate position, speed and distance data. Rowing in Motion uses special algorithms to fuse GPS sensor data with other parameters that we have available, to give you the most accurate results possible. You can also attach a heartrate sensor and of course record all your data for later analysis.


Live Telemetry. Record Rowing in Motion Videos.


Using a mobile WiFi (readily integrated into our Sensorbox or with a portable Hotspot) Rowing in Motion can provide live telemetry to a Coach following behind. No configuration or setup required. Coaches see all the data from the boat, so you’re always on the same page about what’s going on. Using the App, coaches can also record an automatically synchronized video analysis that shows the rowers in motion with an overlay of the data. A standard video in HD quality you can replay anywhere. Learn more

Analysis. Quantifiable Perfomance

Rowing in Motion can give you deep insight into your rowing stroke. How long are you spending at the catch? How much does boat speed fluctuate over the stroke? What’s your distance per stroke? In which intensity zones did your crews work this summer? All of these metrics are available in the App and in Analytics for later analysis. Learn more


Customizable Screens to match your needs.


Rowing in Motion offers a fully customizable display with pre-built layouts that you can fill with the metrics and graphs you want to see. You have access to multiple of these customizable screens by simply swiping left and right.

Sonification. Audible Feedback.

Rowing in Motion offers a fully customizable sonification of the rowing stroke, generating a sound with a varying pitch that allows athletes and coaches to “hear” boat acceleration. The feedback is immediate and frees the athletes from any visual distractions. Lean more.


Unlimited Data Analysis.


Use RiM For Teams to manage your whole team and archive all your rowing session in Rowing in Motion Analytics. Create longitudinal and cross-sectional comparisons of your crews’ rowing performance to see how your crews evolved over time and stack up against each other.

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