Rowing in Motion on Android – Beta Program

You asked for it, you’ll get it. We are making good progress for an Android version of Rowing in Motion. We have hit our first milestone and rebuilt the technical foundation for sensor data processing and make it compatible with both iOS and Android platforms. While the UI still needs some work (basically we log everything to a text field right now) we think we will be able to run a beta-program by end of may.


So… if you want to join our beta-program you should sign up to our mailing list and we’ll invite you to the beta program once we’re ready.

Sign up for Beta!

Some geeky details

We are also completely swapping out the technical underpinnings of the App. While the Rowing in Motion iOS App was an App natively developed for iOS with Objective-C and a few bits of C-Code, we decided Rowing in Motion 3.0 is going to be a complete reimplementation in C# using MonoTouch and MonoAndroid. This will also allow us to target Windows Phone platforms in the future as well as sharing core algorithms with Analytics (which is written in C# and F#).

What can we expect to see?

We will port all features of the Boat App one by one. In the future, new features will be added to both plattforms simultaneously. The Android Boat App will of course be compatible with the iOS Coach App. Speaking of the Coach App, we will most likely not port it in the near future, although we may need to swap out the technical foundation of it. The realtime video processing we do in the Coach App is currently not possible on Android devices because it lacks the required API’s to do so. We are thinking about a “viewer” app though that allows you to view all data via WiFi (so basically a Coach App without Video-functions).

As part of the reimplementation of the Android App, we are also reimplementing the iOS App. Apple is expected to bring some serious changes along with iOS7 and we will most likely try to exploit that for the iOS re-release. That also means we will drop support for the iPhone 3G.

Pricing Model Changes

We will try something new with the next release and split up the features of the App into a set of smaller In-App purchases. We hope to lower the bar of entry to try the system while at the same time keeping the lights on in the office. Don’t worry, we will not take away any existing features, we are rather thinking about doing that for new features.


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