Rowing in Motion for Android – Beta Registration Open


While we are making the final preparations to launch the first version of the Rowing in Motion App for Android, we need all our interested testers to join our Tester team at which we will use to deliver the latest builds to your Android device. The first beta will be made available via in the next few days.

Join the Team

Feedback, Troubleshooting

For constructive feedback and feature ideas, please use our support forum at

If you have trouble connecting your device, please read

Please also make sure you’re signed up to our mailing list, to receive additional news about the Beta Program. Should you have any questions please mail us at

Implemented Features

So, what can you expect from the first beta version? We have Boat Acceleration, Speed and Distance processing fully working, the Dashboard, the Acceleration Graph and the Strokerate view are available to visualize them. We still have a lot of work to do to make the App as polished and good-looking as on the iOS platform, so don’t be upset about the screenshots looking a bit unsexy for now, we’ll fix that 🙂

Next up:

  • Coach App integration
  • Logfile upload to Analytics
  • Stroke-metrics
  • Sonification




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