Rowing in Motion App 3.1

Improvements to the Apps

Please see the recent Solo App announcement for more details on the new Solo Apps. Unless otherwise noted, all updates apply to both the Team and Solo App for iOS and Android.

Besides that, we’ve worked on some very interesting updates as well.


  • Based on extensive research, our completely rewritten GPS engine  improves speed and distance measurement accuracy for smartphone users within the constraints of the available hardware accuracy
  • Android: Fix a bug when the App would reset 2 or 3 times when resumed from the Background with a “Task Manager” application.
  • This release requires an update of both Boat and Coach devices to version 3.1 to ensure compatibility

Improvements to Analytics


  • Nicer display of login screens on mobile devices
  • Made the “Add Device” dialog for organisations more touch friendly
  • Organisations can now remove previously linked devices too

As always…

We are constantly looking for ways to improve Rowing in Motion. If you have an idea or just want to see what other rowers have suggested we should implement, have a look through our feedback forum and vote for the features you like!



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