Rowing in Motion App 3.0

Improvements to the Apps

This release marks the introduction of the Rowing in Motion Solo App. Please see the Solo App announcement for more details. Besides that, we’ve worked on some very interesting updates as well.


  • Logfile Uploads now show upload progress
  • Improved accuracy stroke detection algorithm when used in conditions with stronger vibrations
  • Improved auto-scaling behavior of graphs when starting from rest
  • A new “welcome” screen in the App to launch either as a Coach or Boat and access logfile uploads
  • Fixed missing screenshots in the In-App Guide for Android
  • Make metrics automatically go blank when the boat is at rest
  • iOS: Implement Login inside the App instead of going through Safari

Improvements to Analytics


  • Introduced a Free subscription that does never expire
  • Introduced a new dashboard that shows total distance and time for past 30 days and links to the most important parts of the App

As always…

We are constantly looking for ways to improve Rowing in Motion. If you have an idea or just want to see what other rowers have suggested we should implement, have a look through our feedback forum and vote for the features you like!



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