Rowing in Motion App 3.2.1

Improvements to the Apps

Please see the recent Solo App announcement for more details on the new Solo Apps. Unless otherwise noted, all updates apply to both the Team and Solo App for iOS and Android.

This release is available for Android immediately and will be available for iOS after review by Apple (which usually takes 8-10 days).


  • Speed readings should now be more stable in average GPS reception conditions
  • iOS: Fix an issue with reconnecting to previously connected heartrate straps

Improvements to Analytics

Analytics now displays boat speed above the acceleration graphs for typical strokes.

Analytics Speed Charts

This change should make it easier for users to evaluate different stroke profiles. You should keep in mind though that outside conditions (i.e. tides/stream, wind) have a huge impact on boat speed measurements.

As always…

We are constantly looking for ways to improve Rowing in Motion. If you have an idea or just want to see what other rowers have suggested we should implement, have a look through our feedback forum and vote for the features you like.

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