Provision User Accounts for Organisation Members

With the introduction of a free basic subscription to Analytics, provisioning users is now longer necessary and has been removed from Analytics.

In the real-world Rowing Clubs provide their members with facilities and equipment: the boat shed, boats, oars, a gym, tools etc. While most rowers use shared club equipment, some members may bring their own equipment as well. When we designed Organisations in Analytics, we wanted to keep it that way too, so we made Organisations compatible for two groups of users, clubs that purchase Rowing in Motion for their staff, coaches and members as well as individuals that want to form an Organisation to share their rowing data and analyses.

As we’ve detailed in our last post every member of an Organisation (that is Coaches and Athletes, the latter being an upcoming feature) needs a valid subscription in order to access Analytics. For this reason Organisations that have a subscription can now have “provisioned users” as part of the organisation’s subscription. A provisioned user is automatically granted a “organisation member” subscription, that is valid for the subscription period of the organisations subscription (usually a year). Our Coach and Club subscriptions both include a sufficient number of “provisioned users” that you can use to grant coaches and athletes access to their Analytics account.

How to Provision a User

Provisioning an “organisation member” subscription to a user is done from the Organisation details screen. In the list of Coaches that are a member of your organisation, you can select a coach and then click the “Provision” button to provision an “organisation member” subscription to his account.

organisation provision user account

Once you’ve done so, his account will display as “provisioned” in the list. As with the usage of boat and coach devices, you can view the currently provisioned number of user accounts vs. the number available in the organisations plan in the subscriptions box.

organisation subscription history

Trials and Provisioned Users

When you create an Organisation, it starts in the “Organisation Trial”, which is equivalent to the “Coach” plan for a limited time, so that you can start using all features of an organisation, including the Coach App. However, the organisation trial does not allow you to provision users via the Organisation because you should normally be running a user account trial at the same time anyway.


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