High-precision boat movement sensor with integrated WiFi.

  • 10 Hz GPS
  • Calibrated Inertial Sensors
  • Detachable Impeller Pickup
  • Buoyant (it floats!)
  • Waterproof

Package Includes:

  • SensorBox
  • Impeller Pickup with 1.2m cable
  • USB Charging Cable (charger not included)
  • Mounting Pads, WiFi Antenna and Manual

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The Rowing in Motion SensorBox combines high precision inertial sensors with a 10Hz GPS for unsurpassed quality of boat speed measurement and 3D shell movement analysis.  The integrated WiFi Access Point allows you to access the live measurement data for display and recording through the Rowing in  Motion App. It is the perfect tool for teams that want an easy-to-use measurement system that offers a level of precision and data analysis capabilities previously only accessible to the elite.

The SensorBox comes with a detachable impeller pickup that allows you to measure true in-water speed in addition to speed over ground. The impeller pickup is compatible with many standard magnet-based Impellers, e.g. those from Nielsen Kellerman. The integrated WiFi access point has a range of 70m or more given a clear line of sight. It allows e.g. a tablet for the coach and multiple smartphones for the crew in the boat to receive the same data simultaneously. The integrated Li-Po battery provides up to 8 hours of runtime and you can charge the SensorBox on any 5V USB power source.

Data Options and Metrics

Using the SensorBox gives you access to a wide range of additional data and metrics compared to the data available in our App using the smartphone’s internal sensors.

Distance per Stroke (Metric)
The SensorBox supports a very accurate (typically < 10cm) measurement of real-time distance per stroke using sensor fusion of GPS and inertial measurement data. Distance per stroke is available relative to ground and relative to ground when using an impeller.

Boat Course (Graph)
This graph shows you the micro-course of the boat during the stroke. Very useful to analyze synchronization issues in sweep rowing boats as well as analyzing technique in Kajak and Canoe.

Intra-Stroke Speed (Graph)
This graph shows you boat speed during the stroke (in water and over ground). Very useful for analyzing starts. As this directly correlates with acceleration it is another way to analyze the effect of a change in boat acceleration patterns.

Speed and Distance (Metric)
When using an Impeller, the SensorBox also supports displaying speed and distance relative to the water.

Raw Data
For advanced users, we also provide “raw” data graphs. This data is derived directly from the internal sensors and has only passed through factory calibration. You can download raw-data for recorded sessions in usable format (csv files) from Rowing in Motion Analytics.

  • Raw Magnetometer output (Graph)
  • Raw Gyroscope (Graph)
  • Raw Accelerometer output (Graph)
  • Raw GPS Locations and Accuracy (Metric)


DIMENSIONS 12x12x4.5cm
WATER RESISTANT Waterproof with connector closed
CORROSION RESISTANT Not suitable for use in salt water
TEMPERATURE 0-40°C for storage and operation
BATTERY Lithium Polymer, up to 8 hours. After 300 cycles minimum 80% capacity.
CHARGING Compatible with any 5V USB power source, minimum 500mA.

Additional information

Weight 1.01 kg
Dimensions 20 × 20 × 20 cm


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