Save and compare typical strokes in Analytics

With Analytics we want to enable you to track how your rowing technique changes over time as you are working on it. For this purpose, Analytics now supports saving and comparing typical stroke analysis.

To save a typical stroke analysis for later comparison, navigate to a recorded rowing session and create a typical stroke analysis by dragging over the chart as usual and then use the “Save changes” button on the Analysis widget. You can also add custom notes to each analysed section that you can review later when comparing you analyses. When you open this rowing session again, Analytics will automatically display your saved analyses stored for this session.


To compare saved analyses, open the “Compare Analyses” view from the menu. Right now you can search your saved analyses by strokerate only, but we’re happy to add better search features – just let us know what you want to search for and we’ll implement it. As usual, any feedback is greatly appreciated 😉


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