RowMotion Export Tool

[box type=”alert”]The export tool has been superseeded by Rowing in Motion Analytics – our new cloud based data analysis software.[/box]


“Your data is yours to keep.” Thats part of our philosophy, so we give you access to all the raw data we record during an exercise. Whether you want to do your own research or data archival, our export tool allows you to extract data from the binary “.rm” files RowMotion records during exercise. You can find it at

We do currently support exporting each individual data parameter as CSV. Each measurement point is timestamped with millisecond precision. The first data point in the logfile is recorded at timestamp 0.

We can export the following data for you:

  • Accelerations: timestamp[s] boat[m/s²] starboard[m/s²] up[m/s²]
  • Speeds: timestamp[s] speed[m/s]
  • Strokes: timestamp[s] strokerate[S/min]
  • Distances: timestamp[s] distance[m]
  • Positions: timestamp[s] longitude[deg] latitude[deg] accuracy[m]

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