RowMotion Complete Systems

You can easily use RowMotion with the iOS devices you already own and get all accessories you may need at online stores to build yourself a cost-effective performance measurement tool based on our software. If you’d rather not shop around for accessories or simply want an all-inclusive package with devices, accessories and the software, we do now offer RowMotion as a complete system in a nice and solid hardcase.

With a complete system, you get all the hardware required for using live coaching, sonification and video analysis, and also some waterproof cases and mounting material. We put all that into a professional hardcase, so the valuable hardware can be transported safely.

Specifically, a complete system includes:

  • an iPad 3 Wifi+4G, preconfigured with RowMotion and RowMotion Coach
  • an iPhone 3G or better, preconfigured with RowMotion
  • a WiFi Router + 12V car adapter, and another adapter  so you can use it at any 12V battery
  • iPad HDMI Video Adapter + Cabling
  • two waterproof iPhone cases
  • a waterproof iPad case

We have already deployed three protoypes of a complete RowMotion System and have received very positive feedback. If you are interested in purchasing a complete system, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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