Rowing in Motion iOS Version issues

This post is fairly technical, but we had to write it to inform you about some current issues we face with our Apps due to the iOS 8 upgrade and Apples recent enforcement of required 64bit support for Apps.

The current compatibility matrix that we need to support for the RiM Team and RiM Solo App looks like this:

– iOS 7, iOS 8

– 64Bit, 32Bit support

– iPad, iPhone of all sizes

While we do extensive testing of new releases, some issues that crop up only on some device/os/bitness combination escape into the wild.

Add to that the fact, that the RiM Solo App is built with the new iOS8 SDK while the Team App continues to use the proven iOS 7 SDK, and we get into a bit of a mess.

The following things are broken:

GPS in Solo App on iOS 8

With iOS8, Apple apparently changed the way Apps need to ask for permission to use the devices GPS. Lots of developers got hit by this and what’s even more frustrating is that the iOS8 release notes (which basically every developer reads when upgrading Apps to a new version) didn’t loose a single word about that.

This issue only affects the RiM Solo App when running on an iOS8 device. The Team App works fine on iOS 7 and iOS 8 because it is built with the iOS 7 SDK, for which it appears Apple did not break backwards compatibility this time.

We have identified and fixed this bug and requested an expedited review for the update from Apple. As soon as that has gone through, it’ll be available on the App Store

In App Purchases in Solo App on iOS 7

A second issue affecting the Solo App is that In App Purchases do not show up on the In App Store when you click the Upgrade button. Only iOS 7 devices are affected. It is currently unclear whether the issue is with our code or with the iTunes service, though we strongly suspect the later. Everything is working in fine in the Developer Sandbox that we get for testing as well as on iOS 8 on the real App Store as well as in the Sandbox.

In any case, we’re working hard to get this issue fixed ASAP.


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