Rowing in Motion App 1.3.1

Version 1.3.1 has just been pushed to Google Play and the iOS App Store. As always, it’s immediately available on Google Play and will be available on the App Store in a couple of days when it has been reviewed by Apple.

This is a maintenance release that fixes a few issues, while we are working on 1.4 which will introduce some cool new features.

  • iOS/Android: The “Online Logfiles” list will now automatically refresh after a new logfile was uploaded.
  • iOS/Android: Fix a potential issue where users could upload the same logfile twice.
  • iOS: Fix a bug that caused logfiles not to be saved when the App was closed during recording.
  • iOS: Improve performance when recording Rowing in Motion Videos (available when you link the App to an Organisation as a Coach Device)
  • iOS: The App now supports multi-tasking. When the App is put into background, the currently recorded logfile will be saved. All counters (distance, metrics) and calibration are reset when the App is resumed.

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