Rowing in Motion App 1.2 with Cox Mode Released

Today we released Rowing in Motion 1.2 with support for a highly requested “Cox Mode” that allows you to use Rowing in Motion in the cox seat as well. The update is available on Google Play immediately and will be available on the iOS App Store in a couple of days when it has gone through the App Store Review.

Cox Mode

Following our philosophy of building a “configuration free” measurement system, the App automatically detects when it is mounted this way and will enable Cox Mode after a few strokes. We have described the full details how it works in our Guide for Android and our Guide for iOS.

Tl;dr: When you see this “Cox Mode enabled” alert, the App has determined you put the device in the cox seat and adjusts itself to that.


In addition, we fixed to bugs in the iOS version of the App.

Release Notes

  • Cox Mode: The App now automatically detects when you mount the device in your boat with the display facing the stern instead of the bow (like a cox would) and enables Cox Mode. In Cox Mode, the App reverses processing of acceleration data to correctly process and display boat acceleration. You can read more about Cox Mode in the In-App Guide.
  • Added Settings to enable/disable Cox Mode and auto-detection of Cox Mode.
  • iOS: Fixed a bug that caused the display to go to sleep when not interacting with the App. The display will now no longer go to sleep while the App is running
  • iOS: Fixed a bug that caused no GPS information to be displayed when the device was set to a timezone outside of UTC

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