Rowing in Motion 4.4.1

Today we are releasing version 4.4.1 of the Rowing in Motion for Teams and Solo App. As usual, the update is available immediately for Android Users and will be available for iOS users after Apple has completed their mandatory review procedure.

Improvements to the Apps

  • “My Sessions” tab now loads a lot faster
  • “Location Lockdown”: Distance is now counted even when no strokes are being detected by the App. This is important during drills. You can enable the old behaviour which stopped counting in the Settings (see the documentation for details).
  • Droid: Screen Lock now uses “Immersive Full Screen” mode which hides the Android software button row
  • SensorBox: Connecting to the SensorBox is now more reliable when initiating a session

Improvements to Analytics

  • Race Analysis now gives better error messages when necessary conditions for analysis (e.g. distance, stroke-quality) can’t be met
  • Fix timezone display of record date on logfile details screen
  • Logfile list now properly remembers search terms and paging when using your browser’s “back” button

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