Rowing in Motion App 3.2.3

Improvements to the Apps

Unless otherwise noted, all updates apply to both the Team and Solo App for iOS and Android.

This release is available for Android immediately and will be available for iOS after review by Apple, which is hopefully completed by Monday 27th April.


  • Fixes an issue with In-App-Purchases being unavailable on iOS7
  • Fixes a rare issue with the formatting of the elapsed time metric

Improvements to Analytics

Since Google shutdown OpenId 2.0 logins recently , we needed to migrate Google logins to the new OpenId Connect protocol. No action is required if you happen to use a Google login for your Analytics account, any necessary updates will be done the next time you log in.

Athlete Profiles

Organisations can now add athletes and assign the crew in each logfile. This allows grouping analysis by athletes and searching for logfiles with specific crew members. Here’s a short step-by-step guide on how you can manage Athletes in Analytics.


Organisations can now manage their Athletes in Analytics


Add an athlete to your organisation.


Assign boat class and crew for your logfiles or rowing sessions.


The logfiles list shows the crew for each logfile. You can also search logfiles and analysis by specific crew members.


As always…

We are constantly looking for ways to improve Rowing in Motion. If you have an idea or just want to see what other rowers have suggested we should implement, have a look through our feedback forum and vote for the features you like.

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