Rowing in Motion 4.1 – Heart-Rate and Team Improvements

Today we are releasing version 4.1 of the Rowing in Motion for Teams and Solo App. As usual, the update is available immediately for Android Users and will be available for iOS users after Apple has completed their mandatory review procedure.

Improvements to the Apps

Here’s the summary of changes:

  • (Teams) You can now specify the crew when recording a session
  • Added a new Heart-rate sensor selection screen in session configuration
  • Improved stability of Bluetooth LE Heart-rate sensor connections
  • Improved design of session and workout program configuration screens
  • Minor bugfixes and optimisations

Let me give you a quick rundown of the highlights in this release.

Working with Heart-rate Data

We have implemented some serious improvements to the recording of heart-rate data with the App and analyzing this data with Analytics. The RiM Solo and RiM For Teams App now

When preparing to start a rowing session, you can now scan for heart-rate monitors and pick the one you’d like to use for recording.


This replaces the old automatic connection to the first heart-rate sensor available. When starting a session click on the heart-rate item to open the scan window. The scan window shows you all available heartrate-sensors and their signal strength. If you see multiple sensors, try moving your sensor in direct proximity to your smartphone to identify it based on the strongest signal.

The App will remember this setting for the next session. Learn more in the documentation.

Assigning Crews (Teams only)

In RiM For Teams you can now specify the crew when recording a rowing session. This makes managing recordings easier as this data can be entered by the Athletes before starting a session.


The crew data is synchronised with Analytics and is also available when offline. The App will remember the last set crew for the next session. On this screen you can also specify the Athlete that any recorded heart-rate data belongs to.

Improvements to Analytics

As always, improvements to Analytics generally become available as soon as we are done implementing and testing this feature

Analyzing heart-rate Intensity-Zones

Coaches can now analyze the training intensity of their athletes based on recorded heart-rate data and individually defined heart-rate intensity zones.


To start working with heart-rate data, add heart-rate intensity zone parameters for each of your athlete (see docs). Then assign heart-rate data from recorded sessions to these athletes (see docs) and then view their intensity report by heart-rate zones (see docs).

I hope you like these changes and I’ll be happy to hear your feedback.

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