How we rowed around the world in 16 months

We’ve done it! Rowing in Motion users have recorded a total of 63,529km rowing sessions to this day, more than would be necessary to row around the globe once.

We’ve been running Analytics, our cloud based rowing data analysis tool for about 16 months now and more than 1000 users have recorded and uploaded rowing sessions to their personal logbook. We thought it would be fun to run a quick analysis and see how many kilometers our users rowed in total. Here’s what came out of it:


At the current rate, our users are adding approximately 1.100 logfiles every month and we store detailed boat-acceleration data for more than 100mio. strokes, ready for anlaysis at your fingertips.

A big thanks to all our users who’ve made this possible. Let’s see how fast we can cross the 100.000km mark 😉

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