Coxswain(s) wanted for RiM

Hello fellow rowers and data nerds, I’m Johannes and I’m the guy who’s developed and runs Rowing in Motion. I’m currently looking to put RiM into new hands.

I started working on RiM in 2009 after I lost an important race by 2/100s and was looking for a way that could have helped me and my 2- partner gain that little edge. I started with a proof of concept when the iPhone 3G with GPS came around, because I wanted to have build a practical tool that rowers and coaches could use every day.

The rowing community is full of remarkable folks that tinker with data and analysis and have produced some great tools & innovation. I see quite a few users sharing their RiM data here and I’m happy to see that the analysis and visualizations we explored have inspired others (i.e. Quiske). Lot’s of other cool things have happened as well, i.e. of all the industrial quality “instrumented gates” that were/are in development (we’ve had our own) at least one of them has made it to market and is a tool that rowers can use every day!

While I really enjoy all the great connections and conversations I’ve had with rowers, coaches and scientists over the years, I’m at a point where I have to make a difficult decision. I’ve been working on RiM full time between 2013 and 2016 but have since moved on to having a family & other ventures, namely meshcloud.  The last time I’ve sat in a boat myself… is 2016 according to my RiM profile!

I believe there’s still tons of potential to use data to better coach & train rowers, but I’m no longer the right person to do it. I’d thus be happy to put RiM into new hands that want to innovate with new ideas and continue to serve our loyal world-wide user base that keeps on growing every year. RiM runs on a .NET/Xamarin tech-stack with C#/F# and we’ve developed some cool tech that I really haven’t seen anywhere else yet (realtime video sync, instant online analysis/calculations of high-resolution sensor data). If you’re interested, please mail me at I’m happy to consider all kinds of options (including i.e. open sourcing) as long as someone responsibly takes the helm for our existing users.

Please note that this doesn’t mean the RiM Apps or RiM Analytics are in danger of going away anytime soon. They pretty much run themselves and I’m happy to do the little upkeep that’s required to keep them going.

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