Rowing in Motion Analytics is a cloud-based service for analyzing data recorded with the Rowing in Motion Apps. Analytics is normally used inside a browser, but we offer an Analytics “App” too to give you the best possible user experience on an iOS device by hiding away the address bar and buttons that take up precious screen space.

The Analytics “App” is actually a so called web-clip, a lesser known iOS feature that lets you add a specially designed web site to your homescreen similar to a bookmark. A web clip basically gives you a full screen Safari displaying that website without the obstructive browser bar so you get more screen space.

You can bookmark Analytics as a web-clip to your homescreen by going to and use the “share” button in Safari and select “Add to homescreen”.  You’ll now have the Analytics webclip on you homescreen – like all your other Apps.

With this webclip, you can now launch analytics directly from your homescreen like all your other Apps without typing the analytics URL into your browser and enjoy your data in full-screen mode. If you want to try this out, head over to analytics and add the webclip now.

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