Plans and Pricing

This pricing page refers to the plans for Rowing in Motion Analytics – our online Analysis tool and database for your recorded rowing sessions and saved analyses. The Solo App is free to download with paid In-App Upgrades and can be used with a Free Analytics account, while the Team App requires a paid Analytics Team subscription.

Individual Users

For Teams

  • Free

  • Free
    • (Solo)
    • You’re a dedicated masters rower? Our online platform Analytics is free for individual Rowers using our “Solo” Apps.
    • No Team Management
    • No Athlete Database
    • Storage limited on a fair-use basis
    • Online Support via email and support forum.
    • Analyze and track your performance in your personal rowing logbook. Be your own Coach with access to the powerful analysis tools used by Elite Teams.
  • Club

  • 499€
    • (For Teams)
    • Perfect for mid-sized clubs and teams. If you need more devices, we can tailor this plan to your needs.
    • 2 Coach devices
    • 5 Athlete devices
    • Unlimited Storage
    • Personal Support from our CEO
    • Analyze, and compare athlete performance, optionally supported by video analysis. Work with your fellow coaches and provide your team with up to date reports. Free consultation on questions of data interpretation and analysis.
  • Purchase

Questions? Here’s some answers!

What’s the difference between “Solo” and “For Teams”?

“Solo” is our product for individual Rowers and comes as an App with purchasable In-App lifetime upgrades, and a free plan for Analytics. Our “For Teams” product on the other comes as a separate App that every member of the Team can download and then link to the Team account. Teams purchase a subscriptions on an annual basis and have access to features such as an athletes and analysis database as well as professional consultation.

How can I try “Rowing in Motion”?

Whether you want to try Rowing in Motion “Solo” or “For Teams”, we have you covered. Both systems are available for a trial.

Try Rowing in Motion

Does my Team need to renew its plan each year?

Yes. A subscription on any of the paid plans lasts for a full year from the moment of purchase. We’ll get in touch with you when it’s time to renew. Our subscriptions are paid in advance for a full year and do not renew automatically.

What is a Boat/Coach device?

A Boat device is a smarpthone or tablet you use in a rowing boat to display and record sensor data. A Coach device is a device for the coach, used to display a live sensor data feed from a Boat device. The Coach Device allows you to record data-synchronised “Rowing in Motion Videos”. See Athletes and Coaches.

Can I use the “Solo” App for Coaching too?

Yes. The “Coach” In-App upgrade gives you unlimited access to all live coaching features and is tied to your App Store or Play Store account that you have with Apple or Google. Purchasing the Coach In-App upgrade does not give you access to the features included in our Team Plans that make managing multiple athletes a lot easier and include unlimited storage.

We needs more Devices!

Many of our customers have requirements beyond the simple “Club” plan. We are happy to tailor a plan to your needs. We have many clubs that use RiM with 20 or more athletes. Please get in touch with us and we’ll be glad to make an offer.