“How can we make the boat go faster?”

Whether you’re an athlete or a rowing coach, your challenge is to make the boat go fast. Efficient rowing technique is key, but how do you know when your technique is actually “efficient”? How do you select the right boats and oars? Should you change the rigging?

To find solid answers to these questions, you need to measure your performance on the water. Rowing in Motion is a measurement system that requires you to only attach a smartphone to the boat to help you with that.


“But measuring rowing performance is so much work!”

Not with Rowing in Motion! Before we developed RiM, coaches had two choices for measuring performance in rowing. Either you were content with a stroke-meter that measures stroke-rate and splits or you hired one of the scientists that works with the elite teams using complicated and expensive equipment . And then figured out how to make sense of all the data that comes out of it once you’re off the water.

We asked ourselves: Couldn’t we use measurement systems much more often if they were made to be used by club coaches and ambitious master rowers? If they were easy to install? And what about getting feedback from the measurement data while you’re still on the water and can try new things, not once the boat has been pulled from the dock?

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We make analysing rowing performance easy.

Rowing in Motion is here to make measuring rowing performance easy for athletes and coaches at all levels. It all starts with your smartphone, which is the perfect feedback device for any athlete. Our Apps show you live graphs and numbers about your performance, can produce acoustic feedback via sonification, and logs everything for later analysis.

Rowing in Motion measures stroke-rate, distance and boat acceleration using only your smartphone’s integrated sensors. It’s as easy to use as a traditional stroke-rate device but provides a lot more powerful data that you can combine with video analysis and analyse later, actually to help you learn how to row faster.


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