“I depend on Rowing in Motion to coach myself and others and monitor my training. I have tried out all the main rowing apps on iOS but, for well over a year, RiM has been the standout. It does all the simple stuff like track your distance, rating, speed and heart rate in real time and does it well. And the extras are amazing: the realtime acceleration graphs (backed up by offline analysis) have helped me focus on the parts of my technique that matter. My technique is now better and I race faster.

I have recently started using your online training log screens, which means I don’t have to log training load manually. I even use RiM when I am on my erg to log that effort too.

There are two more features that are worth gold to me: the automated race analysis with customisable splits is simply awesome - I use it after every race. The feature where you can video a rower and overlay their force curves is equally amazing. I have used this with several scullers in my club and they just cannot get over how informative it is.

Finally I want to acknowledge how responsive you were when a bug crept in, the bug was squashed within a few days. Thanks for all your effort on this amazing virtual coach.”

Stephen Trowell, Coach and Masters Rower, Black Mountain Rowing Club (AUS)