“When a crew is at its physiological limits, proper technique, rigging and material are the only things that can improve boat speed.”

As a Coach, it’s your job to make sure your crew can make the most of its performance. But how do you identify proper rowing technique? How do you deal with individual deficiencies of your athletes? How do you select the right material for your crew? Should you change the rigging?

Stop guessing, start measuring

Well, that’s kind of a no-brainer, isn’t it? Unfortunately, the way we measure things in rowing is deeply broken. You have basically two choices: Either focus on measuring simple things like stroke-rate and times that don’t provide you the necessary insight or spend hours installing a complicated measurement system in your boat and then figure out how to make sense of all the data that comes out of it. And explain it to your athletes. If you’re on a national team, you may be lucky enough to have a dedicated biomechanist or measurement engineer taking care of this, but chances are you haven’t. And even if you do, how often do you use the measurement system? Can you and your athlete make sense of the data? Does it provide them with live-feedback so they can relate the data to what they feel in the boat and adapt?

Rowing in Motion – measuring the easy way

All it takes to use Rowing in Motion is attaching a smartphone to the boat. Rowing in Motion uses the integrated sensors to capture the movement of the boat and provides athletes with a realtime feedback on the data. Coaches can follow behind and receive the data from a boat in realtime and create an HD video analysis automatically synchronized to the data that helps you to make sense of the data by correlating the crews motion with the measurement data.

Enabling Coaches and Athletes to “see” Speed

Our basic system does not require any installing any sensors in the boat except a smartphone. We capture GPS data and boat acceleration – the end result of all forces acting on the boat at any time. Analysing boat acceleration provides an objective and quantitive insight into how the crew employs their physiological capability to move the boat forward. The boat acceleration graph reveals every inefficiency in a crews rowing stroke and helps you focus your coaching efforts on the things that really make a difference in boat speed. Use boat acceleration to optimize your rowing stroke.

For Coaches and Athletes. And the whole Team.

Rowing in Motion is built around an online service that allows you to analyse, compare and archive the measurements you make with the App. You can try everything free for 30 days. Download the App, create an account and go rowing.

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